I know I’m not the first person to say this to you.

Friends or family members can continually tell you to be kinder to yourself, but here’s the thing… we rarely listen, you and I. We’re so busy trying to be “good enough” (whatever that means) that we just keep pushing, criticising ourselves, trying, trying, trying. You have to, right? That’s how you get the dress finished. That’s how you make your dream business a reality – or make whatever else it is you are creating in your life real and solid. You have to work. HARD. As hard as you can stand. No, harder than that…

And it’s not that we don’t get it – we do. We know we should go easier on ourselves in theory, but if you’re anything like me, it’s a sort of “yeah, sure, I’ll do that tomorrow”, half-assed agreement. We don’t really absorb the advice, much less act on it.

Or at least I didn’t… until I had a very strange experience this week. For the first time, I quite literally saw myself as others see me, and I GOT it. I really understood thoroughly, for the first time, that I really DO need to lay off on the self-criticism.

Let me take five minutes and share this experience with you in person… maybe you’ll even try it yourself so you can see too.