“Lift your toes,” he said.


“I know it sounds like I’m trying to be a smart ass. Toes are the furthest part of our anatomy away from the head. It literally gets you out of your head. As you lift your toes, your awareness travels down to your toes and away from the head.”

And you know what? It worked.

I was at an event in Phoenix this week. Thirty creative business owners came together from all over the world. They’re an incredible group of friends who nourish and challenge me constantly to be better and do better.

Problem is, we were only together in person for two days. So we squeezed all the juice out of those 48 hours and by lunchtime on day 2, I was pretty overwhelmed… and wondering whether I’m in the right place… and generally spiralling downward.

You know how it goes. Hence why I was asking my friend for a bit of help to get out of my head.

Dylan Ayaloo is one of the most chilled out humans I’ve ever met. He is just one of those people who exudes peace when he walks in the room and puts everyone at ease – but he’s also one of the cheekiest, most fun people I know.

I’ve learned a lot from him about finding my anchor in the storm of life – and judging from the hundreds of responses to my little survey last week, I’m not the only one who needs that.

There was a theme in that survey. You sent me a smorgasbord of challenges, questions, and struggles that are taking you off course and making creativity hard to access.

In short, sewing always seems to be at the end of a long to-do list, or buried under a pile of head trash.

We are all dealing with a lot. We are all working so very hard in our lives to carve a space for the healing that comes from creativity.

How ironic that before you can get to your sewing, you’ve got to clear a lot of your Stuff out of the way. Practical Stuff, obligations,  commitments, all of that, AND the other kinds of Stuff – those pesky brain weasels.

So that’s why I’m drafting in a little help on this. I know a lot about sewing, and I can give you some tips on calming your inner world, but building really solid skills to get to the sewing is much more in Dylan’s wheelhouse than mine.

So I’m going to shamelessly promote his 21 day Meditation Challenge, which is free, and it just began this week. I recommend it, and Dylan, wholeheartedly to help you develop a new habit that supports you in building a life filled with peace, joy & clarity, no matter what challenges unfold throughout your day.

If you think that meditation is about attempting to “think about nothing”, think again. Lift your toes when you need to stop your mind racing, and you’ll see what I mean. Getting to the sewing doesn’t need to be so hard.

Find Dylan on Instagram at @dylanayaloo and find out more about his 21 Day Challenge here. [That’s an affiliate link. I only promote people I know personally and 100% believe in.]

PS. Here we are at breakfast on the last morning, after it was all over (that’s Dylan, sitting next to me). As you can see, I was feeling good again by this point, despite the intense peopling of the past 48 hours. This stuff works. 🙂

LC Mastermind Feb 2023 (c) Cathy Hay