How to find time to sew

How do you find time to sew when you feel so busy that there IS no time? People I refer to in the video: Nick Wilton: Art2Life Merja Palkivaara: Before the Automobile Follow my two hours of sewing each day on Instagram: @cathy.hay

How to hear the haters and do it anyway

There was a time when nobody around me “got” my love of sewing unusual clothing. I even won an award for how “badly” I dressed. What did I do about it? I kept going anyway (even when it hurt.)

Do you have a supportive sewing community?

A strong, positive community is a must in your life and your sewing… to lift you up and pull you forward when you need support. I know, I know, I’m an introvert too, but it’s worth finding a special sewing family you can trust. Let me give you an...