With the publication of my interview at the American Duchess blog yesterday, I realised how far off the radar I’ve been of late.

Harman Hay Publications has been going through some very big and important growing pains lately, which have taken most of my attention away from The Dress.

For a whole variety of administrative reasons with which I won’t bore you, it became apparent last year that the only sensible way forward was for HHP to leave the United Kingdom and register officially as a business in the United States.

That involved a lot of fretting, and a lot of wondering how the heck to do that, who the heck could help us do it, and who the heck we could trust to do it legally and correctly. Add to the big logistical building blocks all the myriad little details that come with it, and the unforeseen pitfalls and possibilities, triumphs and disasters, sleepless nights, and sighs of relief, and you begin to get the picture.

It’s been just like selling up and moving house for the first time. It completely disrupts life for a longer period than you expect, and you just have to roll with it and take each development as it comes.

You see why the Peacock Dress has fallen aside. You can probably tell just from reading this that I’m pretty tired, and huge credit is due to my whole team, and all the writers and members, who are wrangling with changes in the system too.

So for a little while longer, I will be arranging furniture, smoothing out the remaining details, and completing that move as quickly as possible, as well as coming up with as many fabulous offers and improvements as I can to encourage people to support us and get this fantastic little business through these huge changes and onto the next stage.

However, there has been one interesting Peacock Dress related development.

There has been talk in the past of a documentary, and it seems I may have a lead. I have recently met someone who once had his idea made into a TV series. He made a number of national TV appearances after that too, in fact, and Knows People.

Unfortunately this was a long time ago and Those People seem to have moved on, but he has been able to give me some context and help me track down the right sort of people, whose noses might twitch when I waft this idea nearby.

In the absence of enough time to put concentrated swathes of energy into the dressmaking itself, I’m currently putting together a little something to get their attention. Watch this space.